One of the services we highlight is consulting and consulting in the development of computer projects in various areas such as software architecture design, process optimization or security control.

We develop projects in a wide range of development platforms and environments, and we contrast all the key aspects that make up a software development project: project management, project plan evaluation, functional documentation design, technical design, Development, coding guides, etc.

An erroneous design in a software architecture or a deficiency in the development can have very serious consequences as they are deficiencies in the functionality, delayed the attainment of the project or inoperability of the system. For this reason, we will provide you with detailed information on weaknesses or shortcomings in architectural design in order to make the timely decision.



We provide IT management services for both companies and freelancers who need to outsource this service at a competitive price.

Our services allow us to coordinate and ensure a good execution of the project in order to obtain optimal results of the project and to detect any deficiency or lack of the project. 


Digital Marketing

We grow our customers in a digital world.

We are specialists in various branches of Digital Marketing, all of them essential for your business:

Search Engine Optimization: we optimize web pages so that they are in the top positions in the search engines. A well-structured and codified content will make your business easily reachable on the Internet.

Search Engine Marketing: we are Google Partner, experts in online payment advertising. We create campaigns so that you can more easily reach future customers interested in your products or services.

Social Media Marketing: having a presence in social networks is imperative to be able to interact with their customers and make themselves known. We will guide you in social networks so that you get a community around your brand.

Email Marketing: The MailChimp Experts badge identifies us as specialists in the creation of newsletters. We will get a better conversion rate that will allow you to reach your audience more easily.



We provide advice in various branches of computer security such as security in the development of a software project or the preservation of ownership and security of the system.

We will advise and guide in the full compliance with the GRPD; From the study and adaptation of your business to compliance to the establishment of logical and physical security measures for the proper protection of data and personal information of its customers, employees and suppliers.

As for the preservation of the property, we can create policies of use and distribution of the software with the creation of obfuscation of code based on the needs of your business.

Our audit will allow you to detect any deficiencies in the system and adapt them in the future to solve problems related to system security.
The alliance with our partners allows us, for example, to offer antivirus-based security solutions such as Avast, Avg, Eset, Kaspersky, MalwareBytes and Sophos, or solutions of hardware such as deployment architectures based on Synology.

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